holidays in sight

Only two more sleeps until I board the plane to Marrakesh, Morocco! 

I’m really excited to go there, since I have been dreaming of this for years. It will be an adventure, but in the best way possible! We have a lot of plans and options, but we have nothing booked besides of the flights and a room in a nice riad for the first two nights.

From there we’ll start to explore the city of Marrakesh, maybe make some day trips to the desert or the surroundings.

We plan to drive to Essaouira and maybe, only maybe, to Chefchaouen in the northern part of the country.

I think we will have plenty to do with just eating our way through all the tajine meals and fish platters, enjoy the warm weather, visit souks, stroll through medinas and maybe take some surfing lessons when we are at the coast.

I will write a travel report when I’m back and show of with as many pictures as possible!

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