Berlin, Berlin

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures to show you from my recent trip to Berlin, but I will try to tell you about it as vivid as possible 🙂 

After a few very stressful days at work, on a Thursday my boyfriend and I left work a little earlier to catch the train at Cologne main station. In a hurry and completely exhausted, we arrived there minutes apart from eachother when the train was just arriving and luckily we found some empty seats in a quiet compartment with only one other person. First thing to do was opening a bottle of beer each and sighing at finally having escaped the noise and buzzing in the office.

Finally our four free days could start.

We had different plans in Berlin, him visiting a good friend living in Berlin Mitte and me visiting my best friend with her family in Berlin Köpenick. So we spent the next days quite differently and on totally opposite schedules. My days started at 8.30 latest with my little goddaughter next to my bed trying to reach up to me or playing on the floor and making funny little noises. Then breakfast, getting ready, food shopping, baby sleeping, taking a walk outside, making nonsense all together to cheer up the little girl who was a bit sick. And finally my friend and I had some time to catch up and talk, talk, talk 🙂

On Saturday we drove to Berlin-Gatow to see a festival at the old military airport there. There were huge airplanes from the 2nd worldwar, helicopters, vehicles and other impressing artefacts. We ate some fries and waffles, made a little picnic, learned a lot about surviving outdoors by collecting wild growing plants and watched a bit of a demonstration from a dogs rescue squadron.

In the evening I drove into the city to meet my boyfriend and his friends, we cooked a delicious dinner and then went out into the night to try and get into a club. After two hours of waiting we all could manage to get in and spent the rest of the night there, dancing and partying until we fell in our beds at 6 in the morning.

The next day we went to Arena Berlin and visited  Bread&&Butter, where you could design your own pair of Vans sneakers in a really cool workshop by attaching fabrics, painting or burning them, adding pearls, buttons or stickers and change the laces.

After that, we went back to Köpenick and had a very nice afternoon and evening with my friend and her family, getting some drinks and then having dinner together.

The last day of my Berlin trip we went to the MĂĽggelsee, took a nice walk in the sunshine and had some cake and a Berliner WeiĂźe (see top picture) at an outdoor restaurant.

I was sad to say goodbye and hope to find some cheap tickets for the train again really soon to repeat this relaxed, cosy weekend.

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