embracing the cold

I really wouldn’t mind summer coming back for a bit, having some more hot days, when you wish for a cold shower or need a fan to get some fresh air when walking around or sitting in a restaurant. Although there were a few sleepless nights because of the heat and and many loads of laundry being washed with all the sweaty clothes, I really enjoyed the last weeks.

I wasn’t so happy for all the plants, the trees and the grass outside, so a little rain was something, I was really glad about. And then the first time, I had to grab a blanket at four in the morning because in the fresh morning air it was actually a bit freezing. Or when I came down from my bedroom the other day and I had opened all my windows during the night and I had to put on socks and a cardigan to make breakfast because the air was so chilly!

I was super excited about that, really! But now it seems that this isn’t just a phase, it seems to get more and more autumnal every day and I really don’t want to get used to it just yet.

As mus as I love to cuddle up with a blanket on the sofa, as I did all day long today, I would enjoy a few more days of heat before saying goodbye to winter.

Ok, summer?

(picture from my sisters birthay in June, right at the begin of this wonderful summer) 

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