25hours in the forbidden city

As I said in one of my last posts, I wanted to tell more about the french summer festival in Düsseldorf, which I attended with my sister a while ago. 

The festival was sponsored by 25hours hotels, a design hotel company with hotels in nine capitols in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.

This hotel company has a very cool collaboration with FREITAG, where my sisters is working. In the 25hours hotels you can buy and also lend Freitag bags and use them for your city trip.

As +1 of my sister we went to Düsseldorf, the forbidden city for us Cologne people, and had an afternoon and evening with lots of fun.

We were granted free access to the festival which was held outside the hotel and also to the rooftop bar of the hotel, where we could overlook the skyline of Düsseldorf.

When entering the hotel, we received a nice little pouch, the so called „festival survival bag“ filled with fun little goodies such as soap bubbles, a rain cover, a condom, french style sunglasses and vouchers for food and drinks. Let’s get the party started 🙂

First, we explored the outdoors with the many food trucks, activities for adults and children and the main stage. We had a delicious veggie burger with fries and lemonade, we made some very instagramable cute flower crowns to put in our hair and at 7pm the main event happened which we were really looking forward too…. a Patrice concert!!! With the sun shining down on us we listened to his awesome live performance and especially my sister was a very lucky girl <3 <3 <3

After the concert we headed upstairs, or better took the elevator, to the rooftop bar, where there were cocktails waiting for us and a very decadent flying buffet which we couldn’t say no to. Mini caesar salads! Tuna sashimi!! Scallops!!! Fresh oysters!!!! We sure did enjoy that part!

And now the view from the roof top bar…

Thank you Körshd and thank you 25hours hotels for having us at this beautiful stylish place, it was a blast 🙂


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