sewing project no. 5

After a very long absence (at least a year) I started sewing again today. 

I have like 3 to 4 unfinished or not even started sewing projects in my closet, with the fabric, yarn and instructions waiting. I just didn’t have the time or better, much more important projects to work on.

But today I needed a break of the burning sun and decided to stay home and finish one garment I had already cut out the fabric for a few weeks ago.

I already made this exact garment in this pretty greyish light blue some time ago as a present for someone and I remember how proud I was to finish it in only one weekend.

Today, I made the same top again in my size and besides of cutting out the pieces, it took me only one afternoon and evening to complete!

I’m very pleased with the result and will devinitely make more from this pattern. I already have this top in 2 more colors and plan to make a white one and a black one for next summer.

As much as I love the summer heat right now, I’m really looking forward to autumn and winter when I have no excuses but staying home all weekend and working on more sewing projects.

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