a great summer

I can’t say it enough those last weeks, that this has been the best summer I’ve experienced for a long time. The weather!!! Starting from May, there have been week after week of pure sunshine, blue skies and high temperatures. Besides of very few rainy days, which is totally fine now and then, this is a summer I can’t remember there was since I was a child.

And I am really making the most out of it. Many trips to the park, two trips to a nearby lake after work, dining outside in idyllic restaurants, having white wine and rosé whenever possible 🙂

Yesterday it was a joy to watch the Kölner Lichter, a big firework over the river rhine, which happens once a year in Cologne. I sat there with friends and my sister at the riverside with some wine and snacks and watching the spectacle, which was just awesome.

I’m definitely a summer person and would never complain about the heat so pleeeeaaase summer, go on like this as long as possible!!

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