a fight and a find

I was sitting at home at my desk all day because I had some important paperwork to do, that I could no longer procrastinate on. 

I got up several times doing laundry or just taking a short break, but in the end, not leaving the house for the entire day and sitting on my butt the entire time, really drove me crazy. To a point where I knew I had to get out and moving but couldn’t, because I felt too exhausted and frustrated because of the never ending pile in front of me.

When I went out for a stroll eventually, I did so without a destination or a certain route, I just left the building and started walking.

The first street I took led me directly into a fight between two men in front of a house, one of them clearly not quite right in the head and very aggressive, the other one may have been of sound mind, but not one bit less aggressive.

I passed them while they were at the edge of getting in a fist fight, one of them waving an empty glass bottle over his head, ready to throw it at the other guy. I couldn’t really get behind what had been the cause for the fight, but when I entered the scene from a distance, it was the man with the bottle who exclaimed that it was his and only his bottle alone. I’m sure it was a very precious glass bottle, or why would anyone on this world get in a fight for something like an empty beer bottle?

On my way back to my house, I crossed a street thinking that the houses in front of me were exceptionally nice, when I saw a carboard box in front of one of them, filled with books and other stuff. Someone wanted to get rid of them and I took a glance if there was something interesting in there. Right behind the cardboard box, hidden between ivy leaves on the ground, I found an old  brass candle holder with four arms. I pulled it out under the leaves, found it to be beautiful and took it home.

After some cleaning, getting rid of the old candle wax and making a quick trip to the grocery store to buy new candles, it illuminates my dining area now and makes me very happy.

Maybe I should take a stroll more often, it definitely makes for a good story.

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