at the flea market

Today, I spend 8 hours at a flea market with three friends, selling clothes, old dishes and other stuff. 

After a night out with only 3,5 hours of sleep, I got up at 8am, picked up a friend and the circus began.

At 9.30 in the morning, people were already waiting to go through your things, before we even had a chance to put on display everything. And while I imagined being on a flea market meant sitting around all day, being bored and chat a lot, we were so busy having an eye on everything, rearrange our table and answering all the questions. Because there is A LOT to discuss over a t-shirt for one Euro, I had no idea!

After a long and exhausting day, I counted 149,50 Euro of earnings and brought back three empty boxes out of five full ones, I brought to the flea market in the morning. So I would call it a success!


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