friendship, babysitting and dance

What do these three words have in common? 

My best friend, who lives with her family in Berlin.

We met eachother when we both started studying contemporary dance in Cologne in 2008. We have been friends since then, sharing a lot of memories and important events in our lives.

Lastly this was the birth of her daughter in September 2017. This past week, my friend, who works as a freelance dancer, had her first job since her daughter was born and was asked to dance in a theatre play in Lörrach, in the south of Germany.

So I took some days off and joined them there to support her and babysit her daughter during the three performances, which worked out perfectly well. With a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures and a very easy going baby, we had a really wonderful time together.

I discovered that Lörrach in fact is a very nice little town and the Burghof theatre, where the performance took place, was a very professional theatre, with very nice staff who were really supporting.

Three days full of frienship, babys and dance – three days very well spent!

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