easter sunday

This easter sunday is the first in many years that I don’t spend with a bunch of family. That means no shopping for mountains of food, no cleaning the house, decorating, cooking and serving drinks and food nonstop.

But that also means that I’m waking up with no plan ahead, noone to cook for, no need to have the apartment neat and clean. And no noise. No chattering, yelling, laughing or clattering of cutlery against plates during a meal around a big table.

I wake up to heavy rain on my roof window and a grey sky. Yesterday and the day before yesterday it was the most beautiful weather, sunshine, 15 degrees and everyone with a happy face out on the streets having coffee or lunch and strolling through the street.

So today I have to help it a little bit. Switch on the ceiling light, turn on the heater (I was naive to think I don’t need it anymore), put on some music and make breakfast just for myself, overlooking the backyard and being in awe of the huge mangolia tree blooming right in front of my window.

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