6 boxes

This post is about 6 boxes. 

6 boxes of clothes, I had packed after my move and of which I wanted to get rid of. Yes, after the move, logically. Who would get rid of stuff BEFORE the move and have to pack and carry less?? Not me, of course…

So I went through my closet and there was lots of stuff, which I hadn’t worn in years, some items I had never worn at all and a lot of them, I hadn’t worn the last year. So I packed them all up and was unsure what to do with the stuff. I wanted to gift as many clothes as possible to people I like and who I knew would wear the clothes and give them new life.

So I invited my family and friends to go through the boxes and just take what they wanted. So far, I was able to get rid of 2 boxes of stuff already and it brought a lot of fun, memories, and even the realization, that I had been a bit too quick with getting rid of some stuff. So a few items wandered back in my closet and I’m glad they did. And a lot of clothes found new homes.

The best part is that I now get photos and selfies from these dear people, showing me that the pieces get wear, for example a very lovely skirt which I loved to wear is now going with my friend to a date at a bar and one of my sweaters suits my sister very well at work.

What better way to empty your closet and make room for something new or even just make room for some simplicity in your life closet 🙂

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