Kölle alaaf

Here comes my short report on how I spent Karneval 2018 in Cologne. 

I tried to hide myself in my apartment the whole time, but had agreed to celebrate Karneval on Rosenmontag with my colleagues, that’s when the big carnival parade in Cologne takes place.

We met on Monday, 12th of February, for a late breakfast in the office to have a good start, a full belly and some beers before going out to the street carnival. We went as a group of 8 people, that means, my yellow M&M partner, me as a blue M&M, a strawberry, a frenchman, a man dressed as a woman, a frog lady, a computer nerd and a guy with a lot of accessories that made no sense together.

We went out into the cold at around 11.30 am to watch the parade…

(a little politics during the parade, the best part of it, in my opinion)

…and work our way through all the people to find a place to go inside, warm-up and have some more beers. Yes, drinking beer when celebrating Karneval is essential. No way around it.

(baguette telephone, very important)

We found a brewery and stayed there for a while and then headed to another bar a few kilometres away. When we started at the office, it was cold outside, but the sun was shining, but by the time we walked to the next bar, there was something like a snowstorm coming up, we couldn’t see properly and when we arrived at our destination, we were soaking wet.

We arrived at the bar at 4pm and stayed there until around 9pm, when all of us were drunk enough to call it a day.

Until then, there was a lot of dancing, drinking, crying, laughing and feeling nostalgic. Something I didn’t think it would happen for me, as Cologne is not my home town. But there was a reason that I wanted to celebrate this year, as it marks my tenth year in Cologne. So when listening to sentimental carnival music and holding onto the frog lady to your left and your M&M buddy to your right while having a little tear in your eye, maybe that makes you a Kölsche Mädche, a girl from Cologne.


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