a new blogging routine

I’m really for making changes in small steps at a time, instead of turning everything upside down at once.

This year for me is all about making changes in order to help me feel more like me, feeling healthier and stronger and more satisfied. I’m trying to take everything slowly and be patient, which often doesn’t work very well because I’m naturally impatient and not good at waiting at all, but I’m working on it.

At the moment, there are a lot of things in my life that need to be changed, I want to change or have to be changed and I’m working on this all the time.

Lately, I haven’t been happy with my writing on the blog anymore. I was thinking about it all week long, always procrastinating until Sunday, although there is no need to wait until Sunday as the rule is to write one blog entry a week, no matter the day. Then on Sunday I would be busy meeting people, doing laundry, moving furniture around or doing nothing, until it was late in the evening. And then, oh my gosh, I still had my blog post to write! So with like 30 minutes left, I tried to grap one of the ideas that were floating around in my head all the time and figuring out, which one would be the least complicated to write out, means, the „shortest“ one to put in a blog post. Very stupid somehow as this isn’t at all what blogging should be about.

So now as I’m settling into my new apartment and starting to get things in order, I will try to incorporate my writing into my morning routine. Have coffee, listen to music, make breakfast, and then sit down and write whatever is popping up in my mind. I hope to improve my writing this way as I will have more time to read over what I just wrote, adjust the post and add thoughts.

Good writing everybody!


(picture source: https://photodune.net/item/laptop-with-notebook-and-cup-of-coffee-on-old-wooden-table/12064477)

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