ballet baby steps

I went to a ballet class twice now since I decided to start dancing  again, so here is a little update on how everything turned out so far. 

The first time went pretty great. Though I was nervous and anxious, everything worked out fine. I was a little late and didn’t warm-up as long as I wanted to, but that was no big problem. I took it very slowly and did all the exercises in a softer version than it was supposed to be to protect my knee. I managed to do all exercises at the barre and was really happy about it, because I wasn’t sure at the beginning how long I would have the strengh to continue. In the end, I managed to do 75 minutes out of the 90 minutes class and I was stoked that everything went so well. I could even do little jumps, and only had to sit down, when the teacher wanted to see big jumps and turns.

The second time didn’t go so well. I already felt my muscles hurting while warming up and getting cramps even from little movements. It was just a bad day, which is probably very normal, but I was so excited about the first class, that I felt disappointed now. I tried to do everything exactly as the first time, but my knee kept hurting all the time and my muscles felt weak. I tried to participate up to the same point as the last time, but should have given up earlier. After the class I wasn’t able to walk properly anymore and today, 5 days later, I still have knee pain.

This of course was only the second time dancing ballet again, so everything is fine and I think that days like this are pretty normal. But it showed me, that the process will be long and sometimes painful, but also that there will be good days in between. And it will definitely be a process in which I will learn a lot of new stuff about dancing and myself.

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