A year without buying new clothes: a resume

This January marks one year after I so self-assured exclaimed that I wouldn’t buy any new clothes for the next 365 days.

Here is my resume of this year in the name of non-consumption. 

I made three garments. That is two more than in any other year before, as I only ever had sewn one single garment before, but a lot less than I hoped to make. Making your own clothes takes time and for a beginner like me, even more time, which I didn’t have a lot of in 2017. Busy times!

But the big question is: did I buy new clothes in 2017?

I did.

I even confessed about two of my purchases here.

I bought a pair of new jeans, two sweaters, a dress and a pair of boots. That’s it, now you know.

One of the sweaters I bought in a vintage store, so it’s at least not „new new“. And the pair of boots for cold winter times generously falls in my category of „Things I need“ and am therefore allowed to buy.

I also bought some more garments, which count into the „need“ category, but I will not tell you in detail about the pairs of socks I bought, because this is very boring.

What I learned from this is that you really don’t need a lot to wear. I had a pretty stuffed wardrobe before and there just wasn’t much need to buy something new, which I had definitely done nevertheless if I hadn’t had my project.

So in 2018 I will continue buying as little as possible clothes and if I do so, I try to buy vintage or very good, quality garments, that will last long. And I will try to diminish the quantity of my garments significantly over the next few months.

Will you try it too?

Eine Antwort auf „A year without buying new clothes: a resume“

  1. I always sorted out those clothes once a year a haven’t worn that year. What is left is not a lot, mostly clothes I bought a long time ago, but as you wrote, we don’t need much.
    Also, I try only to replace an old piece but just in case I really need it. I always ask myself that question: do I really need it or is just nice to have?

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