Back to ballet

I‘ve been practicing ballet since I have been seven years old.
From the age of seven to the age of 23, I practiced regularly from three to five times a week.

When I dropped out of university and quit studying dance in 2010, it took me three years to return to a ballet studio and get back to dancing. At the time, I was afraid I would have forgotten everything and would have to start from zero.
I didn‘t have a lot of strength when I first started, but I was surprised to see that my body remembered nearly everything. From how to use which muscle to how to perform certain steps and techniques. My body knew instinctively what to do, I just had to regain strength and stamina. The rest was still there or came back quickly.

In April of 2016 I had an accident followed by a surgery to fix my broken knee. Since then I have tried dancing twice,both contemporary classes teached by a friend of mine, which worked out really good because I felt secure with her giving the class and because contemporary dance can be quiet forgiving when it comes to different abilities or injuries.
But since my accident I have never tried a ballet class again and I plan to change this in the next weeks.
Again, I worry about the same things. Have I forgotten everything? Do I have to start from zero? The difference this time is, that my body, or better my leg, isn‘t the same as it was before. Now I have three screws in my knee joint that haven‘t been there before. My leg is restricted in its range of movement now and isn‘t symmetric to my other leg anymore. This has an influence on the rest of my body, especially my spine and my balance.
So these are completely new circumstances I have to get used to, and I‘m afraid that I will fail. On the other hand this will be a challenge, and challenges are good.


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