recipe testing: wild rice soup

Just a quick one today as I’m heading out soon to have dinner with my parents and my sister.

I discovered this website a while ago and am a fan of their easy, but very delicious recipes. As winter is approaching and I wanted something to stay warm, I had this very comforting wild rice soup last week.

I don’t have an instant pot, so I went with the stovetop version, which worked out fine. I made a big pot of it, so I had four meals plus one batch for my sister, who traded one portion of her stuffed pumpkin with my soup. Win win!

I couldn’t find pure wild rice, so I had to go for a mixture, as opposed to the suggestion in the recipe. But for me, it was very delicious nevertheless. The only thing that came a bit unexpected was that my soup had turned in a risotto the next morning, as the rice had soaked up all the liquid overnight 😀

So not a soup anymore, but still very nice!

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